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Melia McClure is the author of the novels All the World’s a Wonder and The Delphi Room

She was a long-time editor of Meditation & Health magazine, an internationally distributed publication with a loyal readership. After a childhood spent dancing and acting, she has been seen on film, television, and the stage of The Museum of Modern Art in New York. Favourite acting memories include a turn as Juliet in an abridged collage of Shakespeare’s classic and a role in the much-loved TV series Stargate Atlantis

Film and theatre along with visual art are the three muses that inspire her writing. They kindle her fascination with the book-to-film metamorphosis. Her fiction is a confluence of magic realism, black humour, and abnormal psychology, opening unexpected backroads to elements of the metaphysical.


When not writing, Melia can be found collecting vintage coats and other sartorial antiques, dabbling with paint, or conducting (mostly successful) culinary experiments. A world traveller, she has also wandered over the rainbow in search of the ever-shapeshifting muse.

Melia is a graduate of The Writer's Studio at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, where she was born. She now resides in Europe.   

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